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Construction of photovoltaic generators  /power plants/ is the most ecologically sustainable way of generation of energy, compared to all types of recoverable energy sources, because they in no way do not pollute the environment, do not register noise levels in the process of production of electricity, do not endanger bird migration.
The most natural and sustainable recoverable energy source, undoubtedly, is the sun. The whole territory of the Balkans is very suitable for solar energy production. And the transformation of the natural day light into electric current, through solar photovoltaic modules, is the most ecological way of transformation of solar light into electricity.
Having in mind that in the Balkans solar radiation exposure significantly exceeds the average European indicators, the investments in solar parks are a very profitable capital investment. The resource is unlimited and completely free of charge. The market is 100% legally guaranteed, as by the state, as well as by the European Directorate.

Therefore, after built solar power plants in Bulgaria, our company has registered a new company in Turkey, named Kaena Solar Ltd.

The aim of the newly incorporated company is to use the experience gained in Bulgaria and to apply them in the development of solar parks in Turkey.

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